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Penta Marketing Consultants

Infographics for Inbound Marketing and Ongoing Client Flywheel 

Funnel to Flywheel

Penta Marketing Consultants was a fairly new startup when they approached Xplore.Design to begin development of graphic standards and infographics for their Inbound Marketing Agency focused on eCommerce focused businesses. We began by focusing on their top-level concern: filling their marketing funnel and training their sales and marketing team with quickly apprehensible graphics on what steps were needed to expedite contract closings. Using the standard TOFU-MOFU-BOFU model, we then proposed an addition - what if, when they had a successful close, that they continue with a "flywheel" concept that would ensure loyalty post-sale? They loved the idea, and it was incorporated as you see here.

Unfortunately, Penta was quickly sold to a larger interest that already had its graphic standards in place. This material is NOT copyrighted and can be repurposed with your company logo. Enquire Directly at:


Marketing Funnel

Revenue Flywheel


Workflow Process Infographic


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