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U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

Infographics and Exhibits for the Hoover Dam Visitor Center

Hoover Dam Visitor Center

Xplore.Design was the lead agency involved with all 2-D surface graphics, under the General Contractor Malone Design Fabricators. Xplore Worked with Marcella Wells of Wells Resources Inc. and Advanced Resource Management Inc. to gather all data and storylines to weave them into infographics for the broader narrative and 3-D exhibits that were eventually fabricated. See the Xplore Portfolio for the Full Hoover Dam Exhibits here.

Work for the infographics portion took shape in the form of numerous technical illustrations and infographics highlighting the Dam's inner workings as well as the principles of electricity and hydro-electric power generation. 


Data Visualization, Infographics

Highly Technical Subjects made approachable 

Technical Illustration


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