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Design is how it works

Website design & development is more than just pretty window dressing. As the dearly departed Steve Jobs was oft quoted: "It's not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." 

We're really interested in making a great experience for your users, and for you, in the day-to-day administration of your site. Our design begins with strategy that defines the goals of you – the site owner, as well as mapping the goals of your users. This is known as User experience. We'll get to know your business goals, analyze your competitors, and then design how we present all this to your visitors.

Our designs follow current trends, making sure your web property is clean in appearance, is always updated and is easy to navigate. This is what's known as UI, or user interface. 'Responsive' web design is always part of our strategy, insuring your web property displays and works great on all smartphones, tablets, and desktop browsers.

Open up to the Globe

E-commerce has never been so easy and economical. Low overhead and high ROI. We'll help you get there sooner than you'd imagine.

Let Xplore.Design help you make your mark in the global marketplace. With us, you'll design a site that empowers your customers to: 

  • Browse your catalog, 

  • Obtain in-depth info about your products or services,

  • and purchase them easily and securely. 

We can also help you create secure membership portals, online donation forms, subscription systems, and many other types of online payment gateways.

Call 719.239.3300 or email today, lets get started on increasing your revenue now! 

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