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Years ago, several existing/potential clients had questions about how exactly they went about their first steps in creating an infographic or data visualization. Often they would jump very far ahead and already think they wanted a certain look or chart type. This would get us off on the wrong foot, leading to several costly design iterations. I finally spent some time refining my own process description you see here:


Showing you this graphic first will help you enormously in getting to the right narrative, and will facilitate us developing the accurate imagery more quickly, with fewer iterations, and within budget. Many clients have remarked that they have not realized what they were actually doing is "weaving a narrative". This simple, early stage realization has led to high success rates for my clients. You'll love working with me in this process.

1) Curiosity leads to Research: What story do we want to tell? What do we want the audience to come away with having viewed this imagery?

2) Design starts with sketching, loose wireframes, and font/color palette selection

3) Here is where we roll up the sleeves in-studio and get to the nitty-gritty of Production: icons, refinement of style, picking the right chart type, and assembly. Drafts, reviews, and iterations to make sure we are hitting the mark.

4) Pull the Trigger! We Deploy the image into the wild, and by creating success metrics, we can sit back and see the success of the graphic shine with more traffic, more clicks, more calls, more sales, more impact. We revise and iterate as we feel necessary, and as feedback rolls in, we'll address any changes and improvements needed. 

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