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Belize City Ecomuseum

Infographics & Exhbits for the
Belize Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation

Hurricane Graphics, Cultural Timeline

THe Belize Ministry of Tourism Contracted Wells Resources Inc. and Xplore.Design to provide an interpretive plan, concepts, design, infographic development, and fabrication oversight for a series of exhibits called the Belize City Eco Museum. Intended to promote tourism alongside active community engagement with the local arts and culture, we created numerous exhibits. 

Among the media was a pod of exhibits that focuses on Hurricanes and other disasters that have befallen the Belizean People. It was meant to showcase their robustness and resilience in dealing with setbacks. The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Index infographic was re-imagined with isometric graphic style and a color-deficient-friendly color pallette.

In another area, exhibits focused on the timeline of Belizean History from the 1500s forward. 


Eco Museum

Weather Infographic

Historical/Cultural Timeline

Belizean Cultural Conflicts and democracy Timeline
Historical hurricane impacts for Belize and surrounding region

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