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Not to be a visual wanker, but...

As Xplore works with its clients in developing effective graphic communications, it is imperative that each client, company, or agency communicate with a clear, consistent public identity. The development of visual identity standards is critical to achieving this objective.

Sample: Visual Standards Manual

Every time you communicate with the public, it contributes to your reputation. Public appearances, publications, exhibits, waysides, stationery, newsletters, business cards, advertisements, media interviews, web sites, flyers, environmental graphics and other forms of communication represent not just the individual or program, but your entire company or agency.

The most basic yet comprehensive component of a strong institutional image is a unified visual presentation. Collectively, all elements must present to the world a consistent image that reflects your quality, professionalism and mission.

Your company or agency name carries heavy responsibility. It stands as the sum of the institution’s many parts and embodies the authentic, recognizable essence of this institution. It must reinforce to many diverse audiences a definitive and unique impression.

By complying with your graphic standards specifications, you help project a clear, unifying image for your agency or company. The typical visual standards manual features your familiar logo, an official institutional signature and individualized unit signatures as well as usage guidelines, typography recommendations and the approved stationery style.

When Xplore is charged with developing your visual standards, our role goes beyond distributing the proper logos and collateral materials. It is our responsibility to help individuals and departments ensure that their communication vehicle meets the high standards set by your institution. We are available to offer the guidance and technical support you need to consistently reinforce your image to the world.

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