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Exterior Trailside Exhibits

We were lucky enough to be contracted by The Badaling Special Zone Administration in concert with Conoco-Phillips, the National Association for Interpretation, and the NGO USCEF (United States/China Environmental Fund) for this world-class exhibit solution.


Instead of the usual "tourist" approach to the wall, we designed a winding, accessible pathway with interpretive panels that help visitors understand the rich history of the wall. This conveys a much greater context for the incredible story of the more than 2000 years that spans the story of the Great Wall. It also allows the numerous foreign dignitaries and heads of state to have a more 'dignified' way to see the wall, and to plant a tree in their name, complete with a plaque to commemorate their visit.


The Great Wall as a whole took more time, more people, and more resources to build than almost any other human creation. The character of the great wall is discovered through the International Friendship Forest whose trail takes visitors through forest at canyon, along a spectacular ridge, and under one of the most dramatic sections of the entire Great Wall, bringing visitors closer to this incredible story. 

In 1987 the Great Wall was recognized by the United Nations World Heritage Committee as a site of exceptional and universal value to be protected for all of Humanity, with a certificate presented to the Badaling site in 1991. 


Great Wall Exhibit Gallery
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