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Betty Ford Alpine Gardens & Education Center

Education Center Exhibits, Exterior Gardens Exhibits

Xplore Design worked with Wells Resources and The Betty Ford Alpines Staff for a multiphase exhibit project. Together we designed the exhibits for this beautiful new state-of-the-art education center and exterior gardens in Vail, Colorado. Phase 1 of the the project took about 18 months to complete, Phase Two about 20 months. The exhibits showcase the fascinating story of Alpine plants and ecology. 

One of the goals of Botanical Garden is to encourage the exploration of plants and their ecosystems. There are few world plants that can compete with the charismatic mega fauna of the animal kingdom (e.g., elephants, whales, tigers, elk). To showcase plants in a ‘big’ way (to showcase them as charismatic mini-flora) we helped counter the notion that plants are unworthy of consideration, and are in fact integral and foundational to all life's existence here on this planet. 

Xplore Design art directed all design, and managed the fabrication over 8 different sub-contractors. Mark Talbot/Xplore and Marcella Wells/Wells Resources worked closely during all phases from planning to fabrication. Marcella developed a comprehensive interpretive plan including visitor studies, which Mark/Xplore helped to refine for presentation, and used as the means to obtain client buyoff as well as production and fabrication guidelines.

The overarching thematic concept was "Alpine Plants play a major but often unseen role in global ecology, and can be a major '1st indicator' of climate change".


Phase 2, Exterior Exhibits - Design Process

Phase 2, Exterior Exhibits Portfolio

Phase 1, Interior Exhibits

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