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Interior Exhibits

Teaming with Marcella Wells of Wells Resources, Xplore was tasked with all concepting, 2-D panel design, and art direction for this interesting LEED Platinum Certified building in Lower Downtown Denver. The Alliance for sustainable Colorado was struggling with how to convey the importance of all the design and architectural elements that went into gaining the LEED Platinum certification. Most elements became 'invisible' after construction was finished, either hidden behind walls (as with reclaimed denim insulation) or underfoot (as with no-VOC recycled carpeting.) 

Wells Resources wrote the overall interpretive plan which Xplore then executed on the design. 

Themes and thematic icons were developed which included: Indoor Air Quality, ADA Accessibility, Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Materials & Resources, and more. The exhibit included over 60 panels displayed on 5 stories of the building.

 The sign panels in the Alliance Center fabricated with an unusual MDF panel called Medex using recovered and recycled wood fiber. Medex is Scientific Certification Systems certified, with no-added formaldehyde. It offers moisture resistance, and the versatility of a composite panel with the emissions of solid wood. 

The machined aluminum mounts are reusable and 100% recyclable. 

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